Workers Compensation

Our attorneys have been retained by some of the largest insurance companies and self-insured corporations throughout the nation to handle their workers' compensation cases. We've also protected the interest of small family owned businesses against high-exposure claims.

We've worked hard to cultivate a respected reputation at the various Commissions for being well versed in the law, proper procedures, and in providing an agressive and accurate analysis of the claim.

Our workers' compensation attornies have defended a variety of claims which present issues of desputed average weekly wage, factual accident disputes, subrogation issues, temporary total disability and temporary partial disability disputes, wage loss, and permanent total claims.

Our attornies have successfully defended complex cases before the arbitrators of the various Commissions. For example, we successfully argued a disputed surgical herniated disk case in which the petitioner claimed tow separate work accidents with the same employer. Our attorney was able to successfully argue a lack of notice and insuffient evidence to prove an accident occurred for both alleged events. The arbittator ageed and ultimately found that the petitioner did not provide suficient evidence to prove an accident occurred for both alleged events. The arbirrator agreed and ultimately found that the petitioner did not provide sufient evenident to prove that an accident hadoccurred on either date adnd a zero award was receved

We've also had success in obtaining dismissals of claim on the merits of the case, as well as for a lack of prosecutio. The dismissals have often involved below the line cases, which would have otherwise been automatically continued by the arbitrators.

In accepted claims caes, we've obtained reasonable settlement amounts, well below the expected trial exposure. We've accomplised such results through preparations and by pushing the case to trial early in the typical workers' compensation case progression.

At Mulherin, Rehfeldt & Varchetto, Ltd. we pride ourselves in bringing a personal touch to each of our client relationships. We understand that by working with youon a common plan of action, we can make your job easier while providing the best, most timely, resolution.


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